Thursday, October 25, 2007

Josie and the 14 Hours Waiting. She is here and all she does is sleep.

I am just fine with that. Sleeping Beauty

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greetings From the Hospital

I am sitting in a nice comfortable recliner, so don't worry about me. Jen is doing all the work and feeling all the pain. We are here in anticipation of our second daughter.

All this hospital talk has made me really think about the future. You see a few months ago I started on a........ lets call it a quest. This quest, not to be confused with the amazingly awesome Sunday children's ministry at HBC (, is about my personal goals.

A different type of quest. A quest for healthy living. I took a look in the mirror one day and realized that I had officially lost my chiseled youthful look.

What? How can this be? Well let me tell you it didn't happen over night. It kind of crept up on me while I was generally taking my health for granted.

As you can see from this picture its not that I need to look better because in my case big is beautiful. I just needed to feel better and stave off any possible health risks after all I will soon be the father of two little girls, and will need all the energy I can get.

So back to the quest. I started on a quest to get back to that "healthy" look. Is has been an up hill battle but as of today I am 25 pounds leaner for the year (pictured below).
As you can see I have engaged in a more active lifestyle and also lowered my calorie intake. I am hoping to lose another 25 pounds by my birthday in a few months. Impossible you say? Well I don't need your negativity!!!!!! So get out you negative ninny.

I will be healthy and will live to play exciting games with my daughters and scare their boyfriends! This quest will not be stopped by the fast food lobbyists or the lure of Monopoly game pieces. That's right Ronald I know your tricks! You and the King can just back off, scram, skedaddle or meander away. Yes go, but leave the chihuahua. He reminds me of times that make me not want to eat. Awe the memories.