Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coffee Angel

What? Do My Eyes Deceive Me!

I really think that I'm seeing things. My head cold has been dragging on and on for over a week with some interesting side effects. Josie appears to be an angel. Now I know that she isn't, but just look at this kid.

I have only come up with two reasonable explanations for this. First, it could be a side effect of my new cold medication (pictured below).
If this proves to not be the reason then I have nothing to fall back to other then the old "laughter is the best medicine". That must be the answer because this kid makes me laugh so much. She dances and she growls. She bites and hums. She smiles and my heart melts. Deep down I fear that she is secretly planning to take over the world, but that can't stop this daddy's love.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well it finally happened, I had to make a new logo. After 8 years of DV8 we've got a new name. Welcome to the ROUNDhouse! The student ministries of the LIFEhouse Church of Rocklin, CA. just got kicked in the teeth. If you take a look at the logo you can see the tag-line, "Like a kick for your soul". So what do you think? Yes that is my boot comin at ya!!!

So what about DV8? Don't worry DV8 just became a little "d" and has moved over to the insanely active and somewhat moody Jr. High Department. It is in good hands!

So if you haven't found us yet, look us up on FACEBOOK. We want friends.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Question

So is there any connection between my leaving Wisconsin and Brett Favre leaving the Packers? I promised Brett that I wouldn't talk about it.