Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well after months of pain and stress the house is no longer ours. Hopefully this means that my ulcers will go away. I have already began sleeping better at night. True true, I have cut back on coffee this week, but that is not the reason for better sleep. After all caffeine has no effect on me (screams the jittery man)! No it all became so clear to me when I went through the bills this week. As I gazed down my mortgage bills and smiled....... Yes I smiled and thought, "I don't have to pay these anymore!" Suddenly that plasma TV seems so much closer to reality then ever before.

Yes, we did lose money on the house, but we learned a valuable lesson about life and faith. No I will not tell you what it was. Because I cry when I talk about it so get off my back. Anyway the thing I miss most about the house is the squirrels. They were fun. i know that they miss me too. After all who will feed them coffee beans now? Coffee and squirrels that never gets old.

I would like to thank Grandpa Art for lending me the money I needed to close on the house, Uncle Mark for fixing my furnace, big papa Ray for getting the bed out of the window and Troy, Austin, Jake and Hunter for moving things out!

Wow that was like my first "Shout Out" and it felt good. I think I'll have another. I'd like to thank Mr. Keane my 5th grade teacher for not turning me in when took a knife to school, Scott for busting my nose at the family reunion on the way back from the roller rink, and O'Doyel because you rule.

Thank you Dad for playing hours of speed ball with me, Mom for teaching me to shop , and Ricky for playing FF1 all the way to the end so that I could beat the final boss.

Thank you Randy for telling me about Jesus, Lorraine for asking me to speak at school, and Officer Johnson for giving me two speeding tickets.

Thank you Spam for giving me high blood pressure, Diet Pepsi for sucking the life from my bones, and Hulk Hogan for reminding me to take my vitamins.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, the house! So we are all moved and happy to live in a nice quiet town with no crime. Well no crime except the flamingo violence, but that is another story for another day.

So I've included a picture of our new place. Do you like?


scott said...

hey see if you can find a nice girl in that crimeless town.

Tim said...

What no thanks to me for selling you a knife to take to school. :-)

Troy said...

Thanks for the shout out, appreciate it. I am sure X-Box looks amazing on the TV. What have I always told you, sleep when you're dead, it is overrated anyways.

Alicia said...

you should have shouted to me...

"And Alicia... for being Alicia and not an asparagus."