Saturday, February 23, 2008

After years of procrastination and defeat I have finally reached my goal. This last week I weighted in at under 200 pounds for the first time since 1995. Oh where has the time gone?

Why did I do it? What was different this time? What did I do?

Well I did it because I realized that I am not the strapping young man I once was, and I want to be around to play with my kids for a long time. Also my bad knee was killing me this past summer. So I had to make it happen.

The difference was that I was in the right place mentally to commit and see it through. I was sick of being where I was.

How did I do it? Well it was very complex and tricky. I ate less calories then I burned off in a day. I know crazy right? Self-control is so old school.

Anyway in honor of reaching my goal I commissioned a painting to commemorate my new lease on life. Let me know what you think. Is it to much, or just right?

Oh, don't think for one minute that I am off my healthy eating thing. I have set a new goal and when I reach that one you may not even recognize me. Maybe you don't already.

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