Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What happened to September

Did I just miss a whole month....... September is over and I did not get the memo.

October is not a month I will miss. This is the birthday month. Both Zoe and Josie will celebrate b-days and we have big plans. Princess party for Zoe and the first cake for Josie. This will be fun or messy or both. I'm guessing both.

Anyway if you want to send gifts.....send money. It looks like college is going to be getting more expensive soon. Well everything looks to be getting more expensive soon. Ok everything is expensive now and playing the lottery is a most a solid investment plan at this point. Didn't the Roman empire fall this way?

I love October!

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Shanda said...

Scholarships is all I can say! Whats up on the mission trip front for you and your church? I;m heading to Belize in November- I'll let you know how it is.