Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In the fog and seeing clearer

This morning I awoke to a weird feeling of unclear clearness. I have had no responses to my job search and I have no idea were I should be looking for a job. The other side of this was that I felt completely comfortable knowing that this is were God has brought me.

Last night at college group we spent time sharing the scripture that encourages, gives hope and allows us to be still in the storms of life. I was completely blessed by the sharing of my brothers and sisters. Thus today I have no doubt that the reading and sharing of God's word with in a fellowship has a greater impact on the day to day life then the highly orchestrated and somewhat ritualistic services we often attend on a weekly basis.

I in no way wish to come off as anti-preparation. If fact I did a certain amount of preparation to facilitate the discussion last night. The point I am making is that the exchange that takes place between the Body of Christ when sharing the impact of God's Word in our lives should never be over shadowed by our desperate need to discriminate information.

Boil it down

...and we are a body and a body has got to share the nutrition. The blood cycles through the whole body. The blood brings life.

...and when one part of the body is hurting the rest of the body feels it. The body can choose to feel it and move to heal it, or the body can ignore it and aid in the malnourishment of it.

...but when the body moves to encounter what God is doing in and through it's parts, that is when we begin to see the broad stroke of Scripture God is painting across all His creation to reveal Himself.

...and this amazing, all powerful, creator God uses the sharing of changing lives to change lives.. We are all in a growing process with in a hostel environment. Why pretend otherwise? Why pretend that we are alone?

So here I am in the fog and seeing clearer then yesterday. I have been struck by the knowing that no matter how alone I may feel, there is no chance that I walk this road alone.

So I invite you to share.

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