Thursday, February 16, 2006


Well after weeks of wondering if winter had forgotten us it finally came. Just in time for my mom's visit. For those of you that don't know Mom is coming from California. She likes to look at snow or pictures of snow, but not a big fan of the cold that is normally associated with snow.

Mom is however a big fan of baby Zoe. Her first and only grandchild. I am sure that she is also a fan of Jen (my wife) and maybe even a little bit of a fan of me.

The biggest disappointment is that my Dad and brother (Scott), who does bare a striking resemblance to Vannilla Ice, will not make it. Both are hard workers, although my Dad hates the snow more than liberals hate the fact that Freedom of Religion includes Christianity, my brother would have helped me with the snow.

Snow after all is what this post is all about.

Oh, that is a picture of Hilary Clinton or at least the way I imagine she would look if she read my blog. Happy! I think that's her happy look. I can't be sure though. I'll ask her the next time I see her.


Lisha said...

hahaha what is that a picture of?? it looks like an old martha stewart made in claymation.

oh man.. i hope thats not your mom.
*crosses fingers*

WOw... I think Scott IS Vanilla Ice. Will he sing us a song next time he visits so we can make sure?
Thanks. =]

Keep on truckin'.

Lisha said...

oh yeah... and how do you get your profile to look so cool??

Mine looks... weird. I dont think i know how to do this.

Anonymous said...

That's it I am never going to visit! Just because of lisha. ha ha. We will see who is laughing when we meet smarty pants.

Dave Marriott said...

um, i don't know you. but could you without puting your arm through my chest, answer for me what a reformed malcontent is?