Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Church Home

I am happy to announce that Sunday August 20th, marks the beginning of my new position as Pastor of Student Ministries at Hillcrest Bible Church.

So we are off to Oregon! Now I know the trip is long, but I hope our friends can still visit us. If you are coming from the Waukesha area it should only take you about an hour and fifteen minutes. Yes, an hour and fifteen minutes!

Did I fail to mention that we are moving to Oregon Wisconsin? That's right just south of Madison. The journey takes less time then hiking Yosemite falls, or rush hour traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though it is longer then a trip to Berkeley with either Tim, Andrew or myself driving. Now that's fast, but not entirely life threatening.

"Not entirely life threatening?" you ask. Not as entirely life threatening as the speeds we hit on the German Autobahn. That is a good story, and the German government still denies any knowledge of our activities. Really that is Gabe's story to tell.

Very, very life threatening.

Still less life threatening then the time we found out why Eskimos don't weave baskets under water, but those stories are not the focus of today's celebration. I must say that I was against it from the start, but if I hadn't jumped in I couldn't have lived with myself. Oh, that thing about rubbing noses. Not true at all, but I digress.

Please check out our new church home by clicking on the "iwork" link to the right. We really felt welcomed by the church family and not at all like our lives where threatened.


Acey M. said...

Congrats, Uncle Sven! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad I came home just in time to hear this fantastic announcement. :D

And, not to mention...
I can be offically driving next year February! So, I could drive over there and live in a McDonald's stall for a few days if I wanted to. At least until the McDonald's workers needed to clean the stall, but I'm not sure how often they do that...

Enough with my silly rambling. It's great to be back and I'm glad you finally have a Church to work at!

scott said...


i like my mini wheats FROSTED. said...

Yaay! So you did get it! Aww PB im so sad but then again... happy. =]

You have NO idea how much ive missed your teachings on wednesdays.
They were always like a "battery recharge" for me.


but yeah... i hope to see you all sooooon!
My summer is almost over. =(