Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well we are back from California and things went great. Camp was great. Even the food was good. Mm mm...meatballs. We had a January Christmas with my parents and Zoe got more toys. All in all it was a blast. Well Zoe was sick the whole time and didn't really let us sleep, but why focus on the negative. Speaking of which....
I was barely back to work when half the staff left for a conference. Now things have been handled really well in their absence, but that's not the point. What about the comradery? Sure i can spend my time checking the traps in Fred's office for mice or switching my office with Scott's but in the end aren't people the reason we do what we do? ANd I work with some great people. Why I remember this one time.....Come to think of it this may explain why we've been having problems with the copy machine. Well everyone will be back for Sunday and I can get back to more important things. Like updating my blog!

No one was hurt in the making of this blog. All guns are fake and all ammo made by Nerf.

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