Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Well this last month was very busy.

The church is full of life and growing in Oregon, Wisconsin.
June saw us involved in Oregon's Summerfest where Hillcrest Bible Church runs the Children's Activity Tent Thursday through Saturday. The some week we also had two floats in the parade. The first was celebrating our Vacation Bible School, which is happening next week. The theme this year is "Special Agents" which works well with it being the 007 year. The second parade entry celebrated our "MOPS" or mothers of preschoolers ministry, which Jenn takes advantage of with little Zoe. I am still trying to get "POPS" started, but papas of preschoolers just doesn't draw the same crowd.

On June 24th we also said goodbye to our lead and founding Pastor. Scott Ziegler served faithfully in the area for almost 20 years and we are sad to see him go, but we are excited to see what God will do at his new church in the Chicago area. "Da Bears!" Sadly he has no window in his new office so the staff gave him a special gift to bring some sunshine into the room.

So change has been in the air and we moved right along with it. Literally we moved in the middle of it. A short move in a short time from one side of our duplex to the large side. The added space is already being enjoyed, and the room will help us adjust to the new baby due inn October.

Now that Zoey is going to be a big sister we have asked her to step up and help around thehouse. We did have to answer some questions for her, but I gave her a book to help her understand. So she jumped in with a great attitude and help us move. Here she is hooking up the gas line on the dryer.

She also takes care of her pet sock monkey, moves her chair around, opens windows and ups the cuteness around the house! Don't worry though all the hard work has not changed Zoe. She still thinks she is a princess and when she wants daddy to hold her, she gets her way

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