Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kid Talk

I have been reminded how much my children love Grandpy.

I had to explain to Zoe why she wouldn't be able to play with grandpy anymore.
"Granpy's heart was so sick that he couldn't get fixed here on earth, but Grandpy new Jesus as his Savior so God took Grandy to heaven so he could totally fix him there."

Zoe then claimed she was really sick and needed to go with Grandpy, but we told her she would get better here with us. Then Jen and I explained that her friend Charlie would get better on earth too and she would see him again soon.

For those who don't know:
Zoe is 3 and a half.
Charlie, he is one of the guys in our HINGE young adult ministry and a good friend to us all. He is suffering with a disk problem in his back. We our praying for you Charlie!!!
Grandpy was my best friend and father, and he is greatly missed!

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