Thursday, July 09, 2009


Now we have passed the point of simply praying for healing.
It is the time to put knee to floor and face to ground and ask that we see a true miracle.

It is now when people will look to see whether we believe what we profess
Or if we like many others simply cling to a hollow straw man that collapses under life's pressure

Now is when we find out f we will succumb to the disparaging remarks of Job's wife.
Will we simply curse God and die.

It is now that little eyes will look to see if daddy truly believes in hope eternal
And whether or not his stories hold more substance for life then the colorful fairytale books

Now we can no longer sing our hymns of thanks with full stomach but detached heart
We have had our guts checked and our hearts wrenched back to true feeling.

It is now we will seek God's face, to feel His strength and know His comfort
And we will learn to let go of the unnecessary things we cling to.

Now before we reach our end when reason and love can be over taken by hopeless anger
Here is when we need to take a moment to pause and prepare for the unbearable.

Is it now that I will curse God because the system is broken
A system I understand that He did not create it so faulted

Now I take full responsibility for my part in this world so ravaged by the curse of sin
And thank the Creator that He did not abandon the rebellious this child

Is it right to curse God that gravity allows me to walk or that the sun causes plants to grow
Though I may bemoan the soreness of muscles and burn of skin.

Now is the time for the real hope to be praised for all that is truly given by a loving Father
In this life and in the life to come is not a promise of flowery words but of tangible power

It is power of life and power over death, it is hope eternal for the temporal plain.
Though there is pain, sorrow and grief there is also hope, faith and love.

Now is the time for us to praise the God who gives and takes away
In this time our souls can find wellness that comes only from the well of living water.

It is still hard to see a broken system taking only what belongs to it, only the flesh, only the shell
Though it threatens, rages and presses against the soul that it can't touch

Now the soul belongs to another and the Spirit gives it life
And my trust is in He who can touch the soul and body

It is His who has healed the spirit and He who can heal the flesh.
He who sees as grander design in all the chaos and pain

Now I understand that though everything happens for a reason
Sometimes it is reason enough to know we live in a broken world of our own making

It is more than enough to know the plan of escape has been laid
And the price of the trip has been past paid in blood.

Now is the time for tears, now is the time for grief
And the time for joy and love and faith and prayer and hope.

It is the temporary loss of fellowship and momentary separation
And the pain of knowing I must stay away from my true home though you may enter in.

Now is when people will look to see whether I truly believe what I profess
And they watch on and wonder how and what they will see

It is not my will that will be done no matter the outcome it is not by my power
So I hope and I pray that it is not my face they will see

Now I have passed the point of simply praying for healing.
It is time for me to put knee to floor and face to ground and ask to see a true miracle.

Is it now that my feeble flesh fixed to this ground will cry
And it is now when Father lifts my soul and mouth to proclaim my God on high


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rosamadchen said...

Praying for your strength and supporting you in prayer, brother. I love you. This was truly moving. May Jesus Christ be praised.