Friday, July 29, 2011

The Heart Is

There is nothing greater then the heart.
In one organ layes the immeasurable capacity to expound great truth and live in total denial of said truth.
It is, to quote the Torah, deceitful above all else.
It must be followed but never trusted, heeded in it's warnings but forsaken for it is prone to flights of fancy.
It is immense in it's persuasion of the mind. It will stop at nothing to deny an attraction that the least informed could not hope to miss, yet the heart will cling to any straw argument that would allow the slightest Ray of hope in the most doomed of pairings.

Such is love, such is humanities greatest virtue and vice.
The great defender and the achilles heel of the soul.
What shall we suggest would rectify this eternal dilemma?
I, in my wisdom, would purpose nothing.
Yes, nothing is my solution, for nothing will help; and nothing will be heard of it.
Many a man has waxed eloquent with musings of love and the same is said over and over with much passion.
Simply put, the heart wants what the heart wants.  Thus it is pointless to argue with what is already set in stone. 

You would tell me that you have seen hearts changed in the past, and I would tell you that this is foolish.
You have seen no such thing.  

You have only glimpsed the outward impression of such a change, but no such change has occurred.
All that has transpired is the shifting forward of the secondary want. 
Usually it is the want of comfort, security or in the modern tongue, Stability.
This is not a change it is the lie. 

Now in the recesses of the heart high on a shelf that can only be glimpsed by it's creator sits a box.
It is labeled "what if" or "if only". 
This box contains the true wish of your life, the one you can't mention in decent company. 
It is often the dirty little secrete, that you scream in your mind while in an others embrace.
It is simple enough, so simple that in a moment of release it could shatter all the pretty lies you built to protect it.
If you were to be honest for a moment you know that this moment of release is the only thing in life that you want and dread  in such unison that you walk a constant wire of love and hate.
And you are utterly torn between which side of the war you are on. 

Oddly enough you fight your own heart and soul not knowing whether you should be flight or surrendering.
Here I must interject my own opinion that sometimes the only way to win is to surrender. 
But how do you know this is the truth and not the lie?
Well that's the rub.  If you knew in our mind it would be your mind that makes the choice and let's be honest the truly grand adventures are not reasoned with the mind but driven by the heart and felt in the soul.
And if it's the lie....
Then this is life and you should not be surprised that once again your heart led you there.

I will not say it led you wrong because it led you to live life, and what is a life not lived if not a lie itself.
It is that lie that keeps your heart in longing and your box hid away upon that high shelf.
Take it down and let it breath. Just for a moment and see if anything comes of it. If not take a knife and kill it if you can, but don't pause.  Don't for one second listen to it's lies because if you do then it will win, and the last thing you want is to follow the shiester down the rabbit hole.
Down there are weird and wonderful things.
Things that have no place in proper society.

Things that can't be trusted as true.
But a what if it's no lie?           

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