Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back in Action & That's Not a Unicorn!

Well it's been awhile.  Honestly I just got busy in other areas of life. There was the whole returning to teaching thing, which really takes it out of you.  Then all the other writing I've been doing really knocked me out of the game, but I'm back in the blogging action.

As I alluded to before I've spent most of my writing time on a special project.  Seven years ago I started my first novel.  Things moved slowly for a long time and then this last year things took off!

I spent most of my summer adding over a hundred new pages to the book and I am excited.  Hopefully by this time next year I will have in my hand the completed master piece.

So this summer was fun and productive. Two thumbs up.

The other thing I'm excited about just happened this last month.  I wrote a children's book. The book is called, That's Not a Unicorn!

The crazy thing is that I just submitted it as a project on Kickstarter.  Hopefully in a few day I be raising the necessary to get the book finished and published.

Now I know what your thinking, "Brian, I would have giving you the money to finish your book."  Well the good news is that you still can, just go one over to Kickstarter  next week and donate there.  Plus you get amazing rewards for your donations.

Anyway I hope to see and hear from you soon.  

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