Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Got That Off My Back!

It only took eleven years and 4 schools, but it did happen. Ok it really took only took 6 years of going to school. Well only two of those years where full-time. So two full time years, four part time years and five lazy Sunday years brings us to now.

I finally have my Bachelors of Theology. Now I will never need to study again!!!!!!! We all had a great time in Seattle.


Lisha said...

hahaha all i could do was laugh when looking at the pictures. I have no idea why. Myabe cuz you have the same goofy smile in all of them!! haha... just kiddingggg. =]


P.S.- I miss you as my youth pastor already. =( Sorry about the excessive sniffling. lol.

Christine said...

Congratulations, Brian. Isn't it a great feeling! We are so glad for you. It's a big stepping stone.