Sunday, June 25, 2006

It Took Some Time

Honestly I just needed to let myself feel it.

It took awhile, but it did hit me.

I have been putting up a good front.

And I don't want people to get me wrong.

I ment what I said and it was honest. I know nothing of hope apart from God.

He is my sustainer. I am not strong of myself and that is what I was doing.....just being strong.

I am not strong, but Christ is strong in me.

Now that I have let myself feel.....

...maybe I can start to move on.

The problem is that I don't want to move on.

I want to fight because what happened is just wrong.

It shouldn't happen in the body of Christ.

Hey, isn't this picture of Emily great?

Check out this one! I think something went really wrong during dinner.


scott said...

Good to see your smile again. That is God's strength. That is growth! I love you! Say hi to everyone for me!

scott said...

I used the third photo as a background on one of my computers in the office. Love ya!

Alicia Inglesias said...

i love looking at your crazy pictures.

And then I think... Wow... Pastor Brian is ALONE while doing most of these... he must look hilarious makinf strange faces in front of a computer by himself. hahahaha.

Im gonna video tape it sometime when you doooont knoooow. WINK!