Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Family Reunion Pic

This was right before the fight broke out.
From back left to right: Brian, Jenn, Darla (Mom), Phil (Dad), Zoe, Josie.
My brother Scott and his wife Carla are not in this picture. They to busy to be there. What was sooooooooooooooo important that they missed this monumental family gathering? The birth of their son.
Introducing Everett Scott Neuenschwander!! My first nephew. He's a big boy and a singer too!

So now you understand why Scott didn't back me up in that fight. He had more important things to take care of. Congratulations! I did suggest that he add Phil to his son's name. Everett Scott Phil Neuenschwander or E.S.P.N. just sounds very manly.

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