Sunday, July 13, 2008

part ३- fatiuge

So I've been telling people that I drove the whole way from Wisconsin and this is
mostly true. I was in the drivers seat the whole time anyway. We did have one small lapse in judgment on my part. It was brought on by lack of sleep and will never happen again (at least not for 15 years or so).

Thank God no one was hurt when I passed out doing 70 on the highway. My little ones jumped into action to save the day. Jen screamed, "Jesus take the wheel" and Josie thought she said Josie, so she did take the wheel.

Zoe opted to go to prayer and ask for a hedge of protection. Jen just continued singing along to the local country music station. She loves Carry Underwood.

We are still trying to figure out how Josie got out of her car seat, but one thing for sure we will not be skipping any rest stops in the future.

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