Monday, July 07, 2008

Settling In To Rocklin
part 1- Making the Move

Well it's been awhile since you and I last talked so let me fill you in on everything. June 15th I spoke my last sermon at Hillcrest Bible Church in Oregon, WI., following the service at 12:32pm my little family began our trek west. Driving as fast and safe as possible in our Dodge Dakota quad-cab and pulling a small u-haul trailer we drove out of Wisconsin, through Minnesota and most of the way across South Dakota (oddly enough my truck did not seam to know its way through its home state) so then we had to take a brief eight hour stop. The next day with the girls singing joyfully (or crying) in the back seat we head into Montana. Twelve very quite hours later we reached the little town of Sheridan MT. This little town was about to get a rude awakening as the Grotzke family reunion was about to begin. As the world knows our family reunions have a habit of upstaging the Sturgis Bike rally, so after the police had to break up a fight between my cousins (a disagreement on the nature of the emergent church) we made a timely exit on Thursday afternoon. We made it all the way to Winnamucca Nevada. Jen wanted to keep going, but being the loving father that I am, I insisted we give the little ones a rest. Side note: Winnamucca is neither a winner or mucky despite it's name. So we rolled on to Rocklin California, which does rock. Friday June 20th I joined on Lifehouse Church's Vision Night and I was not disappointed.
I was only in Rocklin for a day before I had to leave........

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