Friday, January 06, 2006


Well today was my day off work.
So naturally my body hurts from working so much.
If you didn't know, and you probably didn't, we are putting a bathroom and bedroom in the basement. Now at first this may just seem like my way of avoiding the long hike up stairs to use the bathroom, but it is so much more than that. If you ever came over, you too would avoid the long hike up stairs. We are also holding out hope that my brother will come and live with us. We love him and he is a great guy to have around. He is also single. Now ladies control yourselves. Here is a picture of him with Zoey.

Back on point. I spent most of the morning and early afternoon in the dirt getting the subfloor ready to pour concrete. My father-in-law, who is also a great guy, has been a huge help to me with the plumbing. He however was not here today. So me on my bad knees in the dirt.

This story has an all to happy ending. My beautiful daughter ,who has been sick and crying for days, slept in my arms for two hours tonight.

This brings me to my point for today. Holding my daughter made all the work on this house worth it. I have often been amazed at people who say they want something but are unwilling to do the work needed to get it. I want a good home for my family. So I work at it. And when I look at my daughter I know it is worth it because one day she will be a teenage girl and if I don't have a second bathroom I will never get to use the bathroom at all.

Really I do it because it is worth it. And here is a picture of my brother Scott, my friend Aaron (who is also single) and me. Oh and Aaron doesn't want to make the long hike up stairs to the bathroom either, but he still says our friendship is worth it. For now anyway!


Lisha said...

ooooh maaan.

mhy comment on the other one was supposed to be here!


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