Friday, January 13, 2006

Just wanted to let you know how I am feeling today. Sometimes what you really need to do is sleep, but what you have to do is work. Then you end up so worn out that you can't sleep. If only I was allowed to express myself like baby Zoey. The indiscernible cries, not the other things. That would stink!

Speaking of stink-The basement bathroom floor has been poured. Thank you Ray(my father-in-law)! I helped him with another job and he helped me with mine. I use the word "helped" to represent the fact that I carried bags of concrete up and down stairs along with dirt and rocks. Ray did all the stuff that requires any type of knowledge and skill. He also taught me some new skills along the way.

Have you ever noticed that people spend way more time complaining about their job than they do bettering themselves so they can get a better job?

No I am not looking for a better job (because I love what I do), but I am getting all my "stuff" taken care of so that I can (hopefully) start on my Masters this fall. Yes, I know it has taken along time, but I had other things on my mind. Things like life, love, God and cheese.

Have you thought about cheese today?
You know what I'm saying....really thought about it! If you have then good. Now you can move past it and give some serious thought to God. If you haven't thought about cheese today then I suggest you skip it and move straight on to considering God. Once you've considered God then attempt communication. He is always listening and he never gets worn out.

Did you know that I feel worn out?

I guess I'll talk to God about it.

That always makes me feel better.


Oh, yes I feel better already!


Jake said...

Yo Pb!

Sweeeet Picture man!

Yeah... :|

How am I going to get those $30?

emileyjoy said...

hey brian! that's definitely how i feel today--and it's only monday:) yikes! But yah, i am so glad that we can just take it all to God. good post, bro!