Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Where Did That Come From?

Have you ever been reading an article or book and you really like it? Then out of nowhere the author makes some statement that just strikes you dumbfounded. Where did that come from!?!

The author has stated it with such certainty that you feel almost foolish to question it and you do. Most of the time I just reread to see if I misread the first time. Sadly for the most part I have not misread and the author has given me any reason to accept it as true other then his/her word.

When did this happen? Was there a memo that I missed?

We no longer need to have our writings, communication or thoughts based on any reason or proof or even train of thought.

Thank you for you cooperation,

The Brain Trust

The hardest part is that most of the time I agree 95% of the time with people. Its the 5% that just kills me. Not that I am always right, far from it, but can we please think about things before we blindly swallow.

P.S. This is a pic of my baby girl Zoe. She communicates better then some of the authors I've read recently.

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Peggy said...

I would scream too if you made me wear those ears and posted it on the internet for all the world to see.