Thursday, January 05, 2006

What is it that makes this guy so interesting?

And why are squirrels and little squirrel like creatures so popular right now?
I ask this because I have noticed that they seem to be the trend in animated films these days.

Also my neighborhood is infested with them.
Please feel free to comment.....

.....even though I know they can here everything.

One last thing I want to ask. Did anyone else think that the first hour of King Kong could have been condensed to 20 good minutes of back story? The second hour was great, (I love bugs!) and the third hour was necessary to the story. I still wouldn't want to pay sit through that first hour again, and I didn't pay the first time.

And would it kill them to put a few squirrels in the movie? In fact why not change the title character to a squirrel and animate the whole film instead of just the special effects. I cannot believe Peter Jackson is making us wait for the Hobit because he had to do this "Dream Project".

But that's just me. Jen liked it so it can't be that bad.

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Lisha said...

like oh my gooosh... is he really single??

oh wait... and like 20 years older than me??

darn. *snaps finger*

i was happy when i made zoe laugh! i dont normally like babies...
shes the only baby i have ever liked and has not cried the minute i talk to them and hold them.